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Fire Guard

Perform your fire risk assessments directly from your iPad.

Fire Guard takes you through a user-friendly fire risk assessment, step by step with best practice methods in place. Our fire risk assessment app will help streamline your workflow and remove the endless paperwork.

Download for your iPad today from the Apple App store

Professionally developed

The app has been developed with the help of experts in the field to make sure quality and competence is ensured. You can also add pictures to your assessments along the way for additional evidence.

File your reports with ease

Once the assessment has been completed, you will be taken through the final severity section. This gives you a score for your final assessment. At this stage you can PDF export your fire risk assessment for your records or email to anyone it may concern.

Why choose Fire Guard?

  • Fast, efficient assessment process
  • Built to UK legislation
  • Add images to findings
  • PDF export
  • Email directly to anyone concerned
  • User friendly

Want to implement our Fire Guard system into your business? Fire Guard is ready for your organisation to use, so get in touch with us today.

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