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Online Health and Safety Interactive Training Games for Education

Fun, engaging and educational, add excitement to your training sessions with our interactive training games.

Play it Safe Games can be used as an excellent learning resource in schools, colleges and universities.

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Illustration of students sitting in a classroom.

Enhance your student's learning experience through gamification

Gamification is a fantastic way to enhance your students learning experience. It is proven that knowledge retention is improved with the use of visual games and activities. Adding an activity part way through a lesson, lecture or assembly can engage students. The games are ideal as icebreakers during those long teaching sessions.

Use our of-the-shelf content or build your own bespoke content into the games to make it your own

Our games include: multi-choice quizzes, 360 safety tours, fighting a virtual fire and spot the hazard activities. Create challenges, to help add a healthy competitive edge to your curriculum.

Our games include

Use the activities across all topics

From Science, Maths and English to student workplace experience safety training. Play It Safe is accessed through a web application on any browser. Once logged in you can easily populate the games content with your own educational material.

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Some key features

  • Build your own training games online
  • Branded interface for your school, college or university
  • Secure website connection (SSL)
  • Offline mode for when there is no internet connection
  • Plays on all mobile devices and tablets, IOS and Android systems
  • Responsive web application across multiple devices
  • User friendly dashboard with drop down access to full screen option
  • Quick links for video help and guidance materials
  • Score centre for your challenges
  • Create and run your own challenges & competition
  • Multilingual

Games licence

Our training games are supplied on an annual licence basis, giving you full access to your own game centre. Add unlimited versions of the games, from safety to human resources. Each licence comes with around the clock technical support. We will ensure you and your students have the best experience they can.

Want to brand "Play it Safe" as your company's own tool and customise any part of the game using your images, videos or database of questions?

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