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Bespoke Training Courses

We can bring your health and safety training to life. Through video, animations and graphics.

We understand that workplace learners today need more than just PowerPoint training courses.

We can bring your training to life, through video, animations and beautiful graphics. Online e-learning is a crucial part of training in the modern day. We are here to build the perfect solution.

Illustration of fire fighting cannisters.

Bespoke content

Professional Animation

Accessible anywhere

Engaging activities and question sheets

Working with you

We work step by step with our clients to achieve professional engaging training. Courses can be as long or as short as you require and can be available online to all employees and workers.

Illustration of a man sitting at a computer.
Illustration of different course categories.

Bespoke to your business

We understand all businesses are different. That's why personalised training development is crucial to any business. Your learners are guaranteed to improve their knowledge and skills with training more specific to their workplace.

Courses/modules contain professional, fully personalised graphics. It's bite sized Health and Safety learning hitting the mark every time for maximum training benefit.

What we offer

  • Professional filmed content and photography
  • Drone footage
  • Animated video content
  • Graphic artwork
  • Course scripting
  • Course storyboarding
  • Experience with in many industries
  • Content uploaded to our LMS system
  • Packaged SCORM courses, so you can upload to existing LMS systems
  • Engage your employees and workers
  • Build courses to work online
Two images: the top on is a photograph of a warehouse, the bottom one is an illustration of the same warehouse.

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