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Online health and safety interactive training games for the workplace

Both fun and engaging, the games are a great way to bring life to your training sessions.

We offer various exciting activities on our Play It Safe Games web application.

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When delivering dull training sessions, your employees can lose focus and attention.

Our training games are the perfect solution to improve the alertness and focus of the attendee. Our games are proven to re-enforce important training content to your attendees.

We have 8 exciting training games to choose from. This includes; multi-choice quizzes, 360 safety tours, fighting a virtual fire and spot the hazard activities.

Make it your own

Customise Content

Use our of the shelf content or build your own bespoke content into the games to make it your own. Your games interface also comes fully branded for your company.

Train anywhere


Plays on all mobile devices and tablets. IOS and Android systems. Work from your desktop or on the go with our offline mode, making training possible for even the busiest of people.

Add competition

Create challenges

Create challenges and competitions adding even more excitement to your training. This form of healthy competition is great to help spread vital health and safety messages.

Our games include

Gamification is proven to help with knowledge retention.

We all can switch off during a training session that doesn’t interest us, or experience the dreaded death by PowerPoint.

Make the most out of your training by incorporating game-based training. The average information retention rate for game-based training is over 70% - compared to an ineffective 5% retention rate for traditional training.

The training games are great as icebreakers and add an excitement to your training sessions.

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Games licence

Our training games are supplied on an annual licence basis, giving you full access to your own game centre. Add unlimited versions of the games, from safety to human resources.

Each licence comes with around the clock technical support. We will ensure you and your trainees have the best experience they can.

Want to brand "Play it Safe" as your company's own tool and customise any part of the game using your images, videos or database of questions?

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