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Fire Extinguisher Training

Interactive and dynamic fire extinguisher training game, taking the player through 5 different fire scenarios, and demonstrating the correct extinguisher techniques to use.

Our fire extinguisher training game educates your employees how to operate an extinguisher correctly. It also demonstrates what type of fire extinguisher must be used on each type of fire. This also includes scenarios where you shouldn’t fight the fire. The fire scenes include; paper, electrical, chemical, smoking room and highly advanced fire. Trainees will be taught the PASS technique (pull, aim, squeeze and sweep) which is widely recognised in fire extinguisher training courses.

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Screenshot of Fire Safety game.
Screenshot of Fire Safety game.

Sending employees out of the office to complete fire extinguisher training is expensive and time consuming. Our fire activity not only saves money, but importantly allows for more workers to be trained on how to use an extinguisher. The more people know how to use one the better!

This game is designed for all employees, fire wardens and fire marshals. It does not replace practical training but works great as virtual practical training and is easily accessible online. It will reinforce knowledge and will give your trainees extra confidence when tackling a fire.

Why use our Fire Extinguisher Training Game?

  • Suitable for all employees, fire wardens and marshals
  • Interactive and visual fire extinguisher training
  • Allow more workers to be trained on how to use an extinguisher
  • Choosing the correct type of extinguishers
  • Learn when to not tackle a fire
  • Save time and money
  • Engaging game content that catches the attention of the user
  • Paper, electrical, and chemical fire scenarios
  • Heavily smoking room and advanced fire scenarios
  • The techniques used whilst using a fire extinguisher
  • Determining the different fire classes
  • Learn the PASS technique when using extinguishers

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