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Under pressure

Multi-choice styled quiz game, for the individual or group session.

Work your way through the questions to reach the top! Each question has a choice of 4 possible answers for you to choose from. For the group activity, the player must answer all questions and use their 3 helplines wisely. The helplines include; ask a colleague, ask the group or 50/50 chance. Build the suspense in your training sessions!

The single player mode allows users to play on their own, or as part of an e-learning course. if you get a question wrong then you lose a life, you only have 3 so be careful!

Under Pressure can be populated by our own themed games, including fire safety, general safety and many more. Or you can add any of your own questions easily in the games admin system.

This game works perfect as an icebreaker in your training sessions, enforcing key messages. It is also ideal for safety awareness days/weeks.

Play the game now

Screenshot of the Under Pressure game.

Why use Under Pressure?

  • Interactive multi-choice quiz game
  • Enforce key safety messages
  • Play as part of a group and answer all the questions to win
  • In group mode, use your 3 helplines wisely
  • Single player mode allows for use with e-learning training
  • Add any of your own questions in the user-friendly admin system
  • Great for icebreakers in your training sessions
  • Ideal for safety awareness days

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