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Spot the fire hazard

Identify all the fire hazards in the scene.

This activity can be used as part of any fire training you have. You can add photos of scenes that show fire hazards in your workplace.

Test your workers skills at identifying anything in the scene that may cause a fire. This game is great as part of a fire warden/marshal course, adding some extra interactivity.

Add your own photos and choose where you would like the fire hazards to be. All this can be done easily on our games admin page.

Play the game now

Screenshot of Spot the Fire Hazard game.

Why use the Spot the Fire Hazard game?

  • Test your workers fire hazard spotting knowledge
  • Works great with any fire warden/marshal training you have
  • Highlight areas in your workplace that have significant fire risks
  • Add your own photos to the game
  • Add your own hazards to your photos

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