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E-permit to Work

Say goodbye to endless paper copies of permits to work on site.

Our Electronic Permit to Work (EPTW) software allows all permits to be issued online, safely storing all your documents. Whether a contractor requires a permit for hot work, working at heights or electrical, our EPTW can issue permits for all categories.

Mockup screenshot of the E-Permit to Work portal.
Screenshot of the E-Permit to Work Permit Wizard.

Track training across your business

Our EPTW system can be linked to our LMS and track training against workers visiting sites ensuring conformance to all company control measures.

Our powerful 'permit issuing wizard' guides you to populate the EPTW with certificates for selected workers. This then checks against the LMS allowing the company to ensure that all training is up to date.

Track your contractors on-site

The software can also be used stand-alone and independent. This allows you to populate via CSV with details of your contractor companies and workers.

Screenshot of the E-Permit to Work portal contractors tracking.

Some key functions

  • Quickly and easily create electronic permits with the user-friendly wizard and interface.
  • Create categories. Hot Work. Work at Heights. Electrical Safety. Confined Spaces.
  • Populate and synchronise with our e-learning database on who is trained to work on-site.
  • Special situations with isolated sprinkler zones (i.e no hot work)
  • Create multiple sites and areas.
  • Multiple levels of user and approval systems for higher risk work.
  • Handover and sign off, glass tracking and evidence uploads at each section.
  • Lock off details and system isolations.
  • Create and add unique hazard situations and risk control measures
  • Reporting and exporting of all permit details and TV facility for site new articles.

Want to implement our electronic permit system into your company? Our e-permit system is ready for your organisation to use, so get in touch with us today.

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