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Orbit Health & Safety Management System

Our Orbit Management System (OMS) is a complete Health and Safety resource centre for your business.

A single point of access and control interface to access your important documents, records, reports and training.

The OMS has a front homepage in a newsreel style where you can edit and upload news stories about your business. This is ideal for displaying in reception areas. Or wherever there is an opportunity to share important information.

A robust management system that has a user-friendly interface

This can be branded to fit your businesses look. The perfect tool for the busy manager on the move or on-site.

Make use of the document search functionality, quickly finding important resources for your business. The OMS has a document generator for creating audits, risk assessments and safe working practices. The ideal solution to streamline your workplace operation.

Dynamic use for mobile or tablets so you can manage on the move. Set important notifications and email reminders so you are always on top of your management.

The OMS is compatible with our i-Audit app, allowing you to view and manage your workplace audits online.

Why choose our orbit management system?

  • User-friendly interface
  • Document control
  • Document generator
  • Accident/Incident reporting
  • Sync with i-Audit for workplace inspections on the move
  • Bespoke branding
  • News bulletins

Our Orbit Management System is ready for your organisation to use, so get in touch with us today.

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