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Safe Guard

The mobile health and safety training app.

The Safe Guard application is your companion and valuable source of information for workers and visitors. Employees can log into the app and complete training courses on the move, at home or in the workplace. The app is a great tool for micro-learning and training courses around the 5 minute length.

Useful in many situations

The app can be used for many situations, including informing visitors of site safety rules on a tablet in a business reception. The app can be branded and is compatible with our Orbit Learning Management System. Course’s and modules are produced that can then be synchronised to the Safe Guard app.

Safe Guard will allow you to undertake various training modules that have been assigned to you. These courses and modules can be streamed or downloaded to the app for completion offline. Training data will synchronise back to the learning management system once a wi-fi connection is established.

The application will also provide valuable links to information and guidance documents. You can send live messages and notifications to all the app users notifying them of incidents or important news updates. There is also a display for the number of days since last lost time incident (LTI).

As a first-time user you can register on the application to complete your training. As an existing worker you can log in with your existing credentials to view your courses. As a trainer you can log into the app with admin permissions and select multiple trainees. This is great when presenting short training talks, i.e. tool box talk, safety briefs etc. You can have the ability to track who was present for your records and ongoing safety commitments.

Why choose Safe Guard?

  • Training on mobile phones and tablets
  • Ideal for refresher training or micro training modules
  • Can be branded to your business
  • User-friendly interface
  • Train at your convenience
  • Train offline with local content
  • Stay informed with important safety bulletins
  • Use Safe Guard as a safety induction tool on a tablet in receptions
  • As a trainer you can conduct quick fire tool box talks with small group of workers and track who is present

Our Safe Guard is ready for your organisation to use, so get in touch with us today.

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