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Safety Tour 360

Introducing the future of immersive training, with our Safety Tour 360 activity.

Safety Tour 360 allows you to introduce your workers to an environment where they can explore the scene for hazards. Guide your way through a workplace, look out for hazards and mark them off the quiz sheet in the time given. Test your employees skills at identify potentially serious hazards and bad/good practices in workplace scenes.

We can bring your workplace alive by mapping it out with our super modern 360 cameras. This activity is perfect for sending workers to high risk virtual areas. It allows you as the trainer to add that extra level of safety, knowing that you've gone the extra mile in keeping people safe.

Play the game now

Screenshot of Safety Tour 360 game.

Why choose the Safety Tour 360?

  • Immersive interactive training
  • Allow your workers to explore hazardous areas without the need of being on dangerous sites
  • Have your workplace mapped out with our 360 cameras
  • Add an observation sheet to the activity, testing your workers on what hazards they can identify
  • Engaging software
Screenshot of Safety Tour 360 game.

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